Friday, May 20, 2011

Jill From Green Things Farm

In response to Andrea's question...

"How has being a part of the Four Season Farmer Development Program affected your outlook on farming & developing your own business?"

Twenty two and self-employed two months out of my undergraduate degree--these past few months building a farm from nothing have absolutely been the hardest and most exciting times I have yet to experience. My body is tired from bending and lifting and most days I go to bed with a to-do list that has not stopped rolling by the time I wake up. But each day I feel my muscles growing along with my convictions that the local food movement is a beautiful and substantial effort worth dedicating all of my hours.

The gift and curse of farming is how flexible it can be. The business is developing over time, and has room to be creative in so many ways. Nate and I have so much fun dreaming about what to build next, how to design vegetable beds, or what more we can incorporate into the farmscape. The downside to all of this freedom is that there is very little structure; possibilities and problems are innumerable therefore the work is endless.

The connections we have made because we are now farmers to birth, death, and community have been incredible. Our co-farmers and advisors are unique in their capacity for kindess and to achieve great things and for that are truly inspiring.

Tilian has been an amazing support network to help us start our business. Without the push from this program, we may not have started our farm for years, while we have been chomping a the bit to just do it. That is how I feel about most things these days... Just do it! What have you really got to lose when you have so much to gain?

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