About Tilian

Tilian Farm Development Center facilitates new farm-business development in order to increase diversified production for local markets, year round in our food shed.  

"Tilian" is is the Old English root of to till or to cultivate; to strive; to obtain.

The Steering Committee, representing the Four Season Farmer Development Program, The MSU Student Organic Farm, Food System Economic Partnership, and SELMA CafĂ© chose the name it to represent the dream work they are developing: 

  • To have a vital local farm economy to transform the land & people in and out of city so that one day everyone in the integrated mosaic of our food shed feels they could survive on local food and have access to it (without even going into a grocery store) 
  • That all farmland in our food shed would be preserved and would be farmed for local consumption, and there would be farm stands everywhere 
  • That when one walks and bikes around, they sense themselves as part of a tight-knit farmer network/community.

**Tilian Farm Development Center is utilizing land provided by Ann Arbor Township, with great support from its Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board and Small Farm Initiative.**

contact: tilianfdc@gmail.com