Our Farmers

Tilian's Four Season Farmer Incubator Project currently supports the following three farms.

Green Things Farm-

Green Things Farm is in its first year of production in 2011. We are starting our farm business as participants of Tilian Farmer Development Center located about four miles north of Ann Arbor. We aim to enhance the health of our community by providing fresh local produce, eggs, and helping people connect to their food system. Our farm grows food year-round utilizing hoop houses, and with storage crops grown in the summer and fall we are able to provide fresh produce throughout the winter. We hope to ensure the sustainability of farming through the application of ecological understanding and soil conservation methods. We love farming and cannot wait to get seeds in the ground and produce on your plate!

More info @ greenthingsfarm.com

Bending Sickle- 
We at Bending Sickle Community Farm pride ourselves on producing the highest quality heirloom meat under the most ethical management system possible.

We focus on raising heritage breeds of livestock to preserve and honor the roots of traditional agriculture. Many of the breeds we raise date back generations and were once prized for their hardiness and rich, robust flavors. From heirloom pork to Label Rouge poultry, our focus is on providing a diversity of culinary flavor.

More info @ bendingsicklecommunityfarm.com

Seeley Farm-

The farm is owned and operated by Alex Cacciari and Mark Nowak. We are growing a diverse selection of greens year round. We’ve chosen specialty cultivars, many of which are heirloom, for optimum flavor and variety. Our four signature salad mixes reflect the changing of the seasons.

More info @ seeleyfarm.com